Prof. Anjana Munshi, Editorial Board Member

Brief Profile

Prof. Anjana Munshi is a Dean, School of Health Sciences, Central University of Punjab, India. She received many awards & honours and many research grants. She has extensive experience in professional service, and completed various research projects i.e., "Genetic Polymorphism associated with stroke in a South Indian Population” funded by ICMR in collaboration with CCMB and NIMS, Hyderabad (2010-2013)"; Training Programme “Prevention of Genetic Disorders and Birth Defects” (for PHC doctors of Andhra Pradesh) Organized by Rajiv Vidya Mission, SSA and Institute of Genetics and Hospital for Genetic Diseases (funded by Heath and Family Welfare, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh); “Amelioration of the Severity of ß-thalassemia by Modifier Genes” (2014-2017) funded by DBT; “Insilico Screening of all functional genes in the human genome for the detection of deleterious SNPs for association studies”(ICMR)(2015-2018).


Prof. Anjana Munshi research interests include epidemiology and genomics of stroke and its subtypes, pharmacogenomics of stroke and epilepsy, genomics of breast cancer, pharmacogenomics of breast cancer and diabetes, molecular basis of cancer, hemoglobinopathies and modifier genes in thalassemia, shared genetic basis of epilepsy and migraine. She has published more than 123 papers in peer reviewed journals, and authored for 23 book chapters.