2019 June
Volume : 7 Issue : 2

Non traumatic lesions of the scapula-Pictorial essay

Subbarao Kakarla

Pdf Page Numbers :- 51-60

Subbarao Kakarla1,*


1Chairman, KIMS Foundation and Research Centre, Minister Road, Secunderabad - 500003, Telangana, India


*Corresponding author: Prof. Kakarla Subbarao, MS, D.Sc. (HON), FRCR, FACR, FICP, FSASMA, FCCP, FICR, FCGP, Chairman, KIMS Foundation and Research Centre, Minister Road, Secunderabad - 500003, Telangana, India. Email:


Received 27 December 2018; Accepted 15 March 2019; Published 22 March 2019


Citation: Kakarla S. Non traumatic lesions of the scapula-Pictorial essay. J Med Sci Res. 2019; 7(2):51-60. DOI:


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The scapula is a flat, broad and triangular bone situated bilaterally over the chest wall. The division of the scapula into two anatomical areas helps the imageologist in deciding the nature of tumors and tumor like lesions. It also helps the surgeon in choosing the type of surgery. Non traumatic lesions of the scapula include developmental/congenital, inflammatory, infective, metabolic, neoplastic and miscellaneous causes. The images of tumor like lesions such as infections, Langerhans histiocytosis, simple bone cysts, congenital glenoid dysplasia, fibrous dysplasia and Paget disease are described. Few of the metabolic and systemic disorders are also outlined with illustrations. Similarly, the common benign and malignant tumors as well as their characteristics are described and illustrated. The imaging features of tumors are more helpful in the diagnosis by analysing the site, transitional zone, aggressive nature, matrix mineralisation, periosteal reaction and soft tissue changes.


Keywords: Imaging of scapula; inflammatory; neoplastic lesions; scapula; tumors of scapula